[Mongrel] mongrel lighttpd and ssl

Steve Spigarelli spig at spig.net
Thu Aug 17 09:54:18 EDT 2006

I'm not sure where you got the impression that you can only do ssl or
non-ssl.  Just add an ssl section to lightty's conf for ssl.  The SSL
documentation at http://trac.lighttpd.net/trac/wiki/Docs%3ASSL only
says that you have to use IP-based virtual hosting if you want to use
one instance of lightty.  With no mention of mongrel in this post, I
feel bad even posting a response here.  It's probably much more of a
lightty question than a mongrel one.

I hope my answers help in some way..  BTW, my configuration looks very
similar to what is posted on the lightty ssl documentation I
referenced above.  I have my other hosts in the same file for standard
port 80 traffic.

Steve Spigarelli

On 8/15/06, Timothy Wright <tgw529 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am wanting to one run instance of lighttpd, many many instances of
> mongrel. I also need ssl but only for one of my sites. I understand that
> Mongrel does not play with SSL so I am forced to use Lighttpd. I think that
> lighttpd only handles ssl or non-ssl on any given instance. Is there a way
> for me to accomplish my goal of one lighttpd with multiple mongrels and the
> occasional ssl connection?
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> Grace and Peace,
> Timothy G. Wright
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