[Mongrel] Mongrel Lighttpd and SSL

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ezmobius at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 23:31:12 EDT 2006

On Aug 16, 2006, at 6:36 PM, Timothy Wright wrote:

> Ezra,
> In my effort to move to the bleeding edge, I am unable to install  
> lighttpd. Here is the error that I get. Any thoughts? I am new at  
> this so if it si an obvious one, I am sorry.
> Tim
> tim at rome:~/lighttpd-merge-1.4.x$ sudo ./autogen.sh
> ./autogen.sh: running `libtoolize --copy --force'
> You should update your `aclocal.m4' by running aclocal.
> ./autogen.sh: running `aclocal'
> ./autogen.sh: running `autoheader'
> ./autogen.sh: running `automake --add-missing --copy'
> src/Makefile.am:77: Libtool library used but `LIBTOOL' is undefined
> src/Makefile.am:77:
> src/Makefile.am:77: The usual way to define `LIBTOOL' is to add  
> src/Makefile.am:77: to `configure.in' and run `aclocal' and  
> `autoconf' again.
> tim at rome:~/lighttpd-merge-1.4.x$ ./configure
> -bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

	Did you check it out of svn? I had problems compiling from svn as  
well. So I used the prerelease here:


then its just a ./configure && make && sudo make install


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