[Mongrel] (no subject)

Bryan Thompson bryan at galisys.com
Wed Aug 16 12:08:25 EDT 2006

I can run more than one cluster at a time, so shouldn't I be able to  
have apache separate app /foo into traffic to balancer://foocluster  
and /foo to balancer://barcluster?

I have gotten the following to work with apache2, however, it isn't  
exactly what I want:

Root: http://testapp.com/ -- shows static html apache 'it worked' page.
App one: http://foo.testapp.com/ -- uses balancer://foocluster
App two: http://bar.testapp.com/ -- uses balancer://barcluster

So, it should be possbible to use:

Root: http://testapp.com/ -- show static html apache 'it worked' page.
App one: http://testapp.com/foo -- use balancer://foocluster
App two: http://testapp.com/bar -- use balancer://barcluster


> It's not possible to run more apps within one mongrel (for details see
> former thread "[Mongrel] Mongrel and multi apps").
> For subdirectories, start your mongrel with --prefix /foo (or you can
> put it in the mongrel config file)

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