[Mongrel] Fwd: Error on Solaris

Steven Lumos steven at lumos.us
Tue Aug 15 21:09:25 EDT 2006

Zed Shaw writes:
> On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 17:53 +1000, Carl Woodward wrote:
>> Sorry guys, I'm an idiot. Its in C.
> Also, try installing the pre-release as I've (hopefully) fixed things
> that cause the Sun C compiler to blow up (because they couldn't read a
> spec if it was filled with porn).
> gem install mongrel --source=http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/releases/

Sun C does not blow up, it emits some warnings.

The warnings aren't errors, they are warnings.  That's what the word
"warning" at the beginning of those lines means.

Empty declarations really are illegal in C99.  They really are syntax
errors.  I wonder where you differ from Sun on the spec.  I'd like to
see your derivation of ';' from the grammar in Annex A.2.2.

If anyone is inordinately bothered by the warnings, they can get rid
of them by adding -xc99=%none to their compiler flags.  Then an empty
decl will be converted to 'int;' like C89 and GCC do.  Better to fix
the bug (as has already been done) however.

Granted, using the word "error" in the body of a warning is confusing
to people who miss the word "warning" immediately preceding it.
That's why I used phrases like "Mostly just FYI", and "I get some
warnings" in my bug report.

The single remaining warning is also a warning.  GCC will also emit
this warning, but they hide this feature behind -Wunreachable-code.
Try it (3.4.3 here) and you will learn why they hide it.  It flags
over 100 lines.

I removed the crazy #line directives (1,106,24,110,26,114?) from the
generated C file ( and compiled to find that the warning is
on line 297.  That line really is unreachable.  The warning really
should be there.

Having unreachable lines isn't exactly a crime for a parser generator.
If anyone is inordinately bothered by the warning they can add
-erroff=E_STATEMENT_NOT_REACHED to their compiler flags.

Mongrel runs great when compiled with Sun C! So does Ruby.  Maybe I
should have noted in my bug report that I was using it with great
success, would love to buy you a beverage, etc.

GCC is periodically broken in horrible ways on SPARC.  They even
managed to break printf("%.2lf", x).  I haven't caught up on whether
they ever succeeded in correctly implementing the standard calling


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