[Mongrel] Telling Apache Not to Send a Sub-Directory to the Cluster

HH lists at lastonepicked.com
Thu Aug 10 13:25:13 EDT 2006


I am using Apache 2.2 and Mongrel with great success.

I have a mod_rewrite question and I am NO expert. I think it's really simple
but I haven't nailed it. I was hoping someone here could help.

I'm using Apache conf right out of the cluster example from the Mongrel

I have a directory under my apps 'public' directory called 'sendto'. Files
in that directory are accessible but I want to be able to provide a
directory listing for when no specific file is requested.

Right now, it seems that the requests to http://domain.com/sendto/ are being
sent to the cluster.

I am looking for a rewrite statement that basically tells Apache not to send
that specific URL pattern to the cluster.

Can anyone help?


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