[Mongrel] IIS proxying to lighttpd/apache to mongrel with SSL

Charles Brian Quinn me at seebq.com
Wed Aug 9 10:37:10 EDT 2006

This might not be a mongrel question so much as an IIS question, and
if so, my apologies.

I'm needing to switch a (ASP.NET) web application that's running
behind a firewall appliance on IIS on port 8443 under SSL to a rails
web application -- a mongrel instance (and perhaps later apache or
lighttpd with new mod_core_prox in front of mongrel) on a different

I remember Apache proxy_pass confs having to foward on a special
request to let mongrel know it's SSL, and I've also seen that for IIS
forwarding, I'll need to use a reverse_proxy_pass plugin.  Are there
any other snafus with all that redirection?

I see: http://www.napcs.com/howto/rails/deploy/ (Brian Hogan, if
you're on here, great work, thanks)

Just curious if it's a lot of work, if so, I'll just gladly pay to
rekey the SSL cert to apache/lighttpd and be done with it.  Thanks,
Charles Brian Quinn
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