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Tue Aug 8 19:21:48 EDT 2006


I guess the setup is similar(I am afraid it is identical) to one given by
Coda and Erza on their blogs.

Can anbody clarify on this?.
What should be the rewrite rules so that, static pages are served by
Apache.I have benchmarked, Apache2 with fcgi and Apache 2.2 + mongrel +
mod_proxy_balancer. To me, it looks like Apache2 + fcgi is winning the race

On 8/5/06, Nauhaie <noe.cuneo at laposte.net> wrote:
> I think the rewrite rules will never be used here... I have run tests
> and it appears that cached contents are served by Mongrel instead of
> Apache with such a configuration. You should use either proxy pass
> exceptions (! rules), or rewrite. But I might be wrong...
> Proxy pass exceptions are faster for everything that is in the excluded
> directories, but they just forward everything else to Mongrel, including
> cached content...
> But once more, I can be totally wrong...
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