[Mongrel] Mongrel and Apache docs?

Dave Murphy schwuk at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 02:54:55 EDT 2006

On 01/08/06, Jason Young <jason.young at extension.org> wrote:
> > You will need a load balancer if you're not using Apache 2.2.
> Why exactly?  I have relatively low traffic sites, but I'm not load-
> balancing - and as far as I know (which is one of the biggest self-
> lies in system administration I know) - I'm not having any delivery
> problems.  At what traffic point ls LB really necessary?

Sorry I should have qualified that with "if you want load balancing".
I've avoided it due to memory constraints and have not had any real
problems on a low traffic site.

My rule of thumb for load balancing would be anything where it is
going to cause you pain/embarassment/financial loss if a user has to
wait for a unresponsive site.

Dave Murphy (Schwuk)

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