[Mongrel] "Client closed socket" spewage

Zed Shaw zedshaw at zedshaw.com
Fri Apr 21 14:13:28 EDT 2006

Hi Dan,

I added those reports for people who have crappy proxy servers that keep
closing the connections.  Lighttpd does this quite frequently for no
apparent reason.  I'm really starting to not like lighttpd.

Basically, if the file is being served to the client and the client closes
the connection mid-stream then it's usually harmless.  It means someone just
hit the stop button on their browser.

But if you're seeing a ton of these then there's probably something wrong,
especially if it's to the same file.  Take a look at your proxy server
settings and consider blocking remote clients that do this often.

Another thing is that, if you have your fronting web server configured right
so it deals with the static files, then you should see these for static
files at all.  This means that Mongrel is actually serving the file when
really a web server like apache or litespeed should be doing it.

I'll be most likely toning down the logging once it seems that the parser is
doing good and people think these closed connection warnings are not needed.
Let me know if you also see BAD CLIENT dumps with requests that should be

Also, there's a pre-release up that dumps more information to help track
this stuff down like the IP address of the remote client and the time.  You
can install it with gem install mongrel


On 4/21/06 12:25 PM, "Berger, Daniel" <Daniel.Berger at qwest.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Ruby 1.8.4
> Rails 1.1.2
> Mongrel 0.3.12
> I'm seeing this output from the Mongrel server:
> Client closed socket requesting file
> C:/eclipse/workspace/dslscheduler/public/javascripts/prototype.js:
> Invalid argument
> It seems to be harmless, but I'm curious as to what's causing it.  Any
> ideas?
> Thanks,
> Dan
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