[Mongrel] Deployment with Capistrano

Dan Sketcher dansketcher at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 23:52:25 EDT 2006

Hey all,

Has anyone out there got Mongrel deployments working with Capistrano?

I've had a crack at setting it up, and I've found that after a
deployment (with updated symlinks) that a mongrel restart does not
pick up the new deployed site. It seems to me (in my linkted
experience) that the HUP that is sent to mongrel does not re-evaluate
the ./current symlink that Cap puts in to the appropriate release. If
I do a mongrel restart from _outside_ the ./current dir by providing
the -e option to mongrel, all is well. The result of all this is that
a :restart from Capistrano that just sends a HUP is not effective, but
I am not sufficiently familiar as yet with the pathing stuff in Cap to
get it going another way.

Anyway, if someone has some cleverness that I am missing, it would be
greatly appreciated!


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