[Mongrel] anyone got lighty working ?

Roberto Saccon rsaccon at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 02:21:22 EDT 2006

Hi all

I started to set up a rails stack on debian : debian sarge / XEN 3.0 / Ruby
1.8.4 / Postgresql 8.1.4 / Java 1.5 / Mongrel / Lighttpd

Everything went well and worked as expected until I reached lighty. I could
not get lighty working at all. I felt like the master of the disaster.
I tried the debian backport for lighty 1.4.11, got the ligthy daemon running
configured as proxy, but it did not answer any request at all.

Any recommendations for a debian package where everything just works out of
the box (including the CML-stuff) or a recipe how to get it working ?

Roberto Saccon
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