IOError: closed stream

Eric Wong normalperson at
Tue Sep 24 17:39:55 UTC 2013

David Judd <david at> wrote:
> I'm getting "IOError: closed stream" from inside Unicorn occasionally
> and I don't know what to make of it. The stack trace looks like this:
> unicorn (4.5.0) lib/unicorn/stream_input.rb:129:in `kgio_read' unicorn
> (4.5.0) lib/unicorn/stream_input.rb:129:in `read_all' unicorn (4.5.0)
> lib/unicorn/stream_input.rb:60:in `read' unicorn (4.5.0)
> lib/unicorn/tee_input.rb:84:in `read'
> config/initializers/rack_request.rb:19:in `POST' rack (1.4.5)
> lib/rack/request.rb:221:in `params'
> Any suggestions what this might indicate? Is this what I should
> legitimately expect to see if the browser closes the connection
> abruptly?

Not a client closing the connection, that would be EOFError,
Errno::ECONNRESET or another Errno::...

IOError means something in the unicorn process closed the connection
already, which should not happen there.

Do you have anything in your Rack app which does background processing
of rack.input after the response is written?

That would be the most likely explanation...

> It's happening only for POSTs, and a small percentage of them, but I
> can't find any further pattern - a variety of content, usually quite
> small content-lengths.
> Currently we're running nginx in front of unicorn via a unix socket.
> In this state the errors occur at an almost-negligible rate. I
> experimented yesterday with moving instead to nginx in front of
> varnish, on a separate machine, with varnish then talking to unicorn
> via a TCP socket. In that configuration the errors increased
> dramatically, although the majority of requests still succeeded.

If varnish is used, your nginx -> varnish -> unicorn is what I would
recommend (not that I have much experience with varnish, but I when I
last looked at them, nginx was better at handling slow/idle

That said, I'm not sure what could cause the increase in errors...
Is varnish attempting to pre-connect?

Can you reproduce this error on a minimal Rack app from a client
you control?

> As you can see we're running unicorn 4.5 and rack 1.4.5 - except that
> I'm monkey-patching Rack::Request to backport the 1.5 POST method,
> which transforms an earlier nil error in to this one. (On Ruby 2.0.0,
> on an Ubuntu-precise box on AWS.)

For the mimimal rack test app, try just an unpatched Rack,
there could be a subtle compatibility problems from the monkey patch.

The basic idea is to eliminate variables and strange/uncommon things to
pinpoint the problem.

> Any relevant info or suggestions would be appreciated.

Since you're on 4.5, it would not be via rack.hijack ...

I'm not ruling out a bug in unicorn, but I don't think we've heard of
this problem before.  The code for handling rack.input hasn't been
changed much, either.  I beat the crap out of it, but usually for PUT
requests (but not using POST in Rack::Request).

> Apologies if this shows up as a double-post--my first attempt seems to
> have been rejected because I didn't turn on plain text mode.

Only saw this one.  You can check on gmane.comp.lang.ruby.unicorn.general
Mailman should be converting HTML to plain-text, but maybe it fails
sometimes...  I'd rather deal with an occasional double post than every
message being 2-3 times bigger due to HTML.

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