Forking non web processes

Eric Wong normalperson at
Thu Oct 24 16:17:11 UTC 2013

Sam Saffron <sam.saffron at> wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> I have been trying to get unicorn to allow me to fork off non-web
> processes like sidekiq/resque.
> I got this working, except that I am constantly fighting with the
> unicorn reaper. Any chance we can add some sort of api to fork off non
> web processes? It helps save memory and cut down on master processes.

I've been trying to avoid adding unicorn-specific APIs unless absolutely

You're forking off from the master?  Worst case is you'll get a log
message about an unknown process, right?

I'm also wondering why... sidekiq/resque are standalone daemons
themselves.  Shouldn't that be done as part of the deploy/init process?
(unicorn isn't going to become init/upstart/systemd)

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