Increassing timeouts

Manuel Palenciano Guerrero mpalenciano at
Wed Jan 16 15:17:10 UTC 2013

Hello there

We use Unicorn in all of our production/staging web-apps, and we are very happy with it. But we also have one app which talks to a web-service via SOAP, and this web-service now takes longer than usual processing requests. To solve this situation we have increased the time-outs for unicorn and nginx (proxy_read_timeout and proxy_connect_timeout) from 30 to 120, and everything works fine this way (although I don't like it).

My question is: having increased the time-out to 120 means this app is now considered slow (or sleepy) and should be run by Rainbow ? or is 120 still ok for Unicorn ?

Thanks in advance !

Manuel P.

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