Unicorn on shared apps platform

Ben Somers somers.ben at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 16:55:26 UTC 2013

> Can one signal unicorn to increase workers or just spin new set of workers. Any one tried alicorn? https://github.com/bensomers/alicorn.

I'm the author of alicorn; I've tried it :). I only know of one team
that's currently running it in production, but they've been using it
with no difficulties for about six months now. It's meant to solve
exactly the problem you have, dynamically scaling unicorn workers,
though it can't idle an app at zero workers (I think it technically
could; but the results would be bad). Happy to help you with it if

> Provisioning double memory on deploy can be solved differently by spinning new server that has upgrade and moving load balancer to divert trafic, the netflix way.

I don't like doing that just because of the time it takes to spin up
new servers (even on EC2, it's not instant). If you're running
multiple apps on one box, then you can cheat a little bit, because you
won't need enough memory for running all the apps twice, just enough
to run everything once + one app twice.


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