Changing Ruby version

Jérémy Lecour jeremy.lecour at
Thu Feb 14 14:10:19 UTC 2013


I'm using Unicorn with rbenv to have different Ruby versions between projects.

This morning, I wanted to change the Ruby version used by an app.
I've updated the content of .ruby-version, then sent a USR2 signal to
the master process to restart Unicorn (as I always do).

I've noticed that it was still using the "old" Ruby binary.

If I started a new irb console, the Ruby was correct.

Then I thought that maybe the way forking works allows to change the
version of Unicorn itself and everything "below", but not the Ruby

Am I right ?
Is there a way to do a rolling restart and change the Ruby binary at
the same time?


Jérémy Lecour : -

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