[ANN] unicorn 4.6.0 - hijacking support

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Wed Feb 6 11:27:19 UTC 2013


This pre-release adds hijacking support for Rack 1.5 users.
See Rack documentation for more information about hijacking.
There is also a new --no-default-middleware/-N option
for the `unicorn' command to ignore RACK_ENV within unicorn
thanks to Lin Jen-Shin.

There are only documentation and test-portability updates
since 4.6.0pre1, no code changes.

* http://unicorn.bogomips.org/
* mongrel-unicorn at rubyforge.org
* git://bogomips.org/unicorn.git
* http://unicorn.bogomips.org/NEWS.atom.xml

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