Fedora Unix socket file location problems

David Wilkins dwilkins at conecuh.com
Fri Apr 5 21:16:52 UTC 2013


It seems that it's pretty common to use /tmp for the directory where
you store the Unicorn unix: socket file.   I'm a Fedora user and our
lovable systemd (by default) gives nginx a private /tmp directory (see
"PrivateTmp=true" in system configuration file example below).
That's the kind of thing that *could* take a while to figure out.

Could you put a note somewhere near the listen docs warning Fedora /
systemd users to locate the socket file somewhere else?  I know it's
not your problem, but I'll bet that more than a few Fedora users are
using TCP sockets instead of unix sockets with Unicorn because of

Unicorn is awesome, btw.

listen docs I referenced:

systemd configuration file from Fedora 17:

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