using unicorn with logging-rails gem

Yoav Aner yoav at
Fri Nov 30 17:20:51 UTC 2012

Hope this is the right place to ask questions about unicorn. I'm not
on the mailing list though, so please CC my email address.

Since moving from phusion passenger to Unicorn, it seems like one
functionality of the logging-rails gem
( is (half) broken.

Logging-rails supports an email appender, which aggregates log
messages (typically ERROR and above) and then emails them. However,
since moving to Unicorn we stopped getting those emails.

The interesting thing however, is that when we USR2 signal our unicorn
and it restarts itself, then those emails somehow get flushed out and
get sent all at once... I tried sending USR1 signal to see if it has
something to do with log flushing, but this does not seem to make any

Any ideas how to investigate this / make it work again??


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