Testing Unicorn on Rubinius

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Tue Nov 13 00:56:07 UTC 2012

mike <michael.p.thompson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Eric,
> I do have the isolate gem installed. In a number of gemsets as it
> were. Here is a gem list:
> mike at sm-mike-thinkpad:~/workspace/rubinius_testing/unicorn-4.4.0$ gem list
> *** LOCAL GEMS ***
> bundler (1.2.1)
> isolate (3.2.2)
> rack (1.4.1)
> rake (
> rubygems-bundler (1.1.0)
> rvm (
> Here is a "find" for isolate running against my .rvm directory:
> mike at sm-mike-thinkpad:~/workspace/rubinius_testing/unicorn-4.4.0$ find /home/mike/.rvm/ -name isolate-3.2.2
> /home/mike/.rvm/gems/rbx-2.0.testing at global/doc/isolate-3.2.2
> /home/mike/.rvm/gems/rbx-2.0.testing at global/gems/isolate-3.2.2
> /home/mike/.rvm/gems/rbx-2.0.testing/doc/isolate-3.2.2
> /home/mike/.rvm/gems/rbx-2.0.testing/gems/isolate-3.2.2
> /home/mike/.rvm/gems/rbx-2.0.testing at rubinius_testing/doc/isolate-3.2.2
> /home/mike/.rvm/gems/rbx-2.0.testing at rubinius_testing/gems/isolate-3.2.2
> and lastly, here is the setting I have for the "RUBYLIB" variable in my local.mk:
> RUBYLIB=/home/mike/.rvm/gems/rbx-2.0.testing/
> (FYI: this is injected on line 8 of your sample local.mk that ships with the project)

I don't think you need to mess with RUBYLIB at all.  I'm not sure
local.mk is necessary if you have rvm, either..., or if you're
only testing with a single installation of Ruby.

> If I run irb, I cannot require 'isolate' without requiring 'rubygems' even with it in all these places. I assume there is some kind of path / inclusion issue I am facing here and I don't quite know how to go about getting around it. Perhaps I have RUBYLIB set wrong, or I need to try to approach this completely differently and not from rvm at all.

I've never used rvm for development, either, I just set PATH

Maybe rvm is doing something funky with the shebang in
script/isolate_for_tests ?

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