Testing Unicorn on Rubinius

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Tue Nov 13 00:18:53 UTC 2012

mike <michael.p.thompson at gmail.com> wrote:
> (or at least trying very valiantly). At them moment I am having
> trouble getting my environment set up in such a way, as to run the:
> make -j4 test
> command. I am having issues resolving my environment and load paths
> against what the unicorn project is looking for. I was curious if
> there were any examples of environments or setups for testing Unicorn.
> I have read the README files located in the project, and attempted
> setting my "RUBYLIB" variable in the  local.mk . If someone could get
> me started/pointed in the right direction, I would really like to help
> out with Rubinius, and maybe even Unicorn in the future.  Here is a
> gist of my output:

Everything should work if the "isolate" RubyGem is installed.

I admit I haven't tested under Rubinius in a while, but I have
made efforts in the past to ensure Rubinius worked.
(nobody seemed interested and it took too much space/time to
build on my machine)

> https://gist.github.com/4062317

> mike at sm-mike-thinkpad:~/workspace/rubinius_testing/unicorn-4.4.0$ RUBYLIB=/home/mike/.rvm/gems/rbx-2.0.testing/ make -j4 test
> * test/unit/test_configurator.rb
> * test/unit/test_droplet.rb
> * test/unit/test_http_parser_ng.rb
> * test/unit/test_http_parser.rb
> : An exception occurred running test/unit/test_droplet.rb
> :     no such file to load -- rack (LoadError)

That should've picked up and run Isolate for you.  Can you ensure
isolate is installed, first?

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