Unicorn doesn't play nice with Capistrano deployment?

Luis Fernando Urrea lfurrea at simplecs.net
Wed May 9 19:29:09 UTC 2012

I am having issues when using unicorn with a Capistrano deployment.
>From what I have been able to understand Capistrano uses a scheme in
wich every release is deployed inside the releases directory under a
unique name and if the transaction was successful, creates a symlink
named current that will point to that release.

So I end up with a deployment directory such as:


Then when I try to start unicorn from the binstubs directory all the
unicorn methods look for things in the following path, particularly in
the configurator.rb module:


I haven't been able to fully understand how unicorn sets the
working_directory from here:


But I wanted to check with the community if I am missing something
evident due to the noob nature in me.


O: 2248-2483
C: 8723-2518

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