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Eric Wong normalperson at
Mon Jun 25 18:10:58 UTC 2012

Aaron Suggs <aaron at> wrote:
> P.S. I've tried to contribute the patch upstream via this list, but it
> keeps getting rejected for having the wrong content type. Then I gave
> up. I'm fine chalking it up to my own stupidity/laziness…just wanted
> to put it out there that contributing could be easier. :-)

I want it to be easy, too, but that includes being easy for me to
review.  Inline patches are easiest as I can quote relevant portions
of the email in the reply.

Did you try "git send-email"?  It helps you format messages correctly
if your MUA isn't capable of that.

Otherwise, yes, you can upload the commit to any public git repository
and I can clone + run "git show" / "git log -p" to see your changes and
reply to them inline.  It takes me longer and I'll end up faking the
quoted portions (via git format-patch --stdout ... | sed -e 's/^/> '
when reviewing.

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