Triggering OobGC when heap is nearly full

Tony bascule at
Mon Jun 4 00:52:21 UTC 2012

We've started using OobGC at my workplace and it's definitely helping,
however the amount of garbage various requests in our app can generate
is quite the chunky stew.

It seems like OobGC configuration is all predicated around a number of
requests to process before OobGCing. However, REE exposes heap/GC
stats that could be used to make that decision intelligently at

Is there any way presently to use some heuristics around the current
state of the heap to decide when to OobGC, or barring that, a way to
pass a proc I would write into OobGC that can answer the question
"should I OobGC?" with true/false rather than relying on a certain
number of requests?

Tony Arcieri

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