FreeBSD jail and unicorn

Charles Hornberger Charles.Hornberger at
Tue Jan 31 13:50:25 EST 2012

On 1/31/12 7:39 PM, normalperson at wrote:
>Philipp Bruell <Philipp.Bruell at> wrote:
>> Does someone ran into the same problem? Does someone has an idea?
>Tatsuya Ono documented a workaround for jails here (see gist):
>( refers to this link, too)

Philipp's gone afk for the evening, so I'll take the liberty of replying
with what I know ...

We tried the fix mentioned above, and it didn't work. We also tried
switching to unix sockets; no joy. (Actually it worked once, then refused
to work again.)

>If that didn't work, maybe checking stderr.log will tell you something

Nothing shows up in stderr.log It's as if the master doesn't even get the
-USR2 signal. Or as if whatever it's sending to stderr is not actually
getting to the filesystem...

In any case, we don't see anything.

Any further ideas for how to debug would be much appreciated, and my
apologies in advance for mixing up any details; Philipp was doing the work
on this, not me.


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