release unicorn v4.2.0 soon?

Eric Wong normalperson at
Mon Jan 23 04:20:12 EST 2012

I just realized we haven't had a release in a while.  There's nothing
major that needs fixing, but I figure we should release 4.2.0 to
get some changes that have been brewing for a while.

The SSL support is still unaudited, but since Unicorn is only good on
LAN, it should be at least useful enough to detect network corruption.
TCP checksums are weak, so SSL can add an additional layer of
checksumming to the data stream if you're intent on end-to-end data
integrity.  (Rack apps can also support the Content-MD5 header/trailer
without SSL too)

Here are the changes since v4.1.1 in git://

Brian P O'Rourke (1):
      Detect daemonization via configuration.

Eric Wong (18):
      add GPLv3 option to the license
      http_server: a few more things eligible for GC in worker
      http_server: update comment on tick == 0
      Links: add a link to the UnXF middleware
      add preliminary SSL support
      t: ensure SSL certificates exist on fresh test
      configurator: limit timeout to 30 days
      tests: just use the sha1sum implemented in Ruby
      tests: try to set a shorter path for Unix domain sockets
      bump dependencies
      socket_helper: remove out-of-date comment for TCP_NODELAY
      socket_helper: set SO_KEEPALIVE on TCP sockets
      socket_helper: fix grammerr fail
      quiet possible IOError from SIGUSR1 (reopen logs)
      cleanup exception handling on SIGUSR1
      http: test case for "Connection: TE"
      update tests for rack 1.4.0
      Rakefile: swap URL for

Jeremy Evans (2):
      t0011: fix test under OpenBSD
      test_helper: ensure test client connects to valid address

Yuichi Tateno (1):
      OobGC: force GC.start

In the future, feel free to ping me if you want an official release, I'm
forgetful sometimes and sometimes get completely immersed in other
projects.  "master" on unicorn.git is usually in a releasable state

Eric Wong

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