using unicorn as a local development server

Matt Smith matt at
Fri Feb 24 17:43:28 UTC 2012

> Normally I just write integration tests (sometimes starting unicorn (or
> zbatery) + hitting it with curl, but often just mocking a Rack env).
> Unlike most folks that develop apps that run over HTTP, I have a strong
> aversion to web browsers. I'd rather pipe curl output to "vim -" if I
> have to look at any text output from the application.

This is slightly off topic, so I will make this concise, or this can
be taken offline.

What you are talking about, Eric, is exactly the workflow I am working
toward. I am almost there, but still too dependent on the browser. So
2 questions:
1) Would you share what you use for integrations tests for rails and
rack apps in general? (rack test, minitest, capybara, etc.)
2) Are there any resources you would point to going into further detail?

Feel free to respond here or directly, as this is a tangent.

Thanks, Matt

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