using unicorn as a local development server

Eric Wong normalperson at
Thu Feb 23 05:19:54 UTC 2012

"Patrick J. Collins" <patrick at> wrote:
> > You shouldn't even need the logger directive, it goes to stderr by
> > default so your console will still show it.
> Hmm that's odd because I noticed as soon as I began using unicorn that I got
> very little output.  For example, running my app and browsing to various pages, this is all I see:


> None of the development.log output is getting piped into this, so that's why I
> thought doing the would get that behavior to happen just as
> it does with the default rails server.

Odd, not sure what Rails is doing (I don't normally use Rails).  It must
be something weird with the way Rails modifies all existing logger
objects (I know it clobbers the default logger formatter somehow
as mentioned in the FAQ).  Oh well, I suppose your workaround is as good
as any.

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