Deployment with Capistrano and Foreman

Eric Wong normalperson at
Sun Feb 5 16:45:16 EST 2012

Dmytrii Nagirniak <dnagir at> wrote:
> I wonder how do you deploy Unicorn Rails apps using Foreman and the upstart.
> The things I'm not sure how to deal with are:
> - restarting the Unicorn with no downtime. With upstart I think the master
> process gets restarted.

I'll defer to actual Foreman/upstart users for this.  Any solution that
works with nginx (while keeping the master process in use) should work
with unicorn, too.  I designed unicorn so it could be managed nearly
identically to nginx.

> - running app as unprivileged user (not sure how to use Forman with
> upstat at all here).

You can use the "user" directive in the unicorn config file, this
only affects the worker processes, though.

You can always use su or sudo to ensure the master process is
unprivileged, too.

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