app error: Socket is not connected (Errno::ENOTCONN)

Eric Wong normalperson at
Fri Apr 27 21:16:57 UTC 2012

George <lists at> wrote:
> No, you know I think you're right Eric.  I am testing on OS X 10.7.4 prior
> to deployment at the moment and so it appears that the bsd core has some
> bearing here.

It might just be OSX, I can't reproduce the issue on FreeBSD 9.0 nor
Debian/kFreeBSD 6.0.  Any OpenBSD/NetBSD users care to chime in?

> I'm also curious, have you considered switching over to GitHub for issue
> management?  I'm spoiled nowadays with issue reporting vs the good old
> mailing lists.  Even Google's mailing lists are a step above. ;)

No.  I can't stand web browsers and logging into websites.  I'll never
endorse commercial interests when working on Free Software, either.

Usenet would be ideal, but it's mostly dead nowadays but everybody still
has email (more or less, HTML mail isn't appropriate for *nix-based

For mailing lists, consider a proper Unix MUA with threading support[1]
an essential part of your development environment (as important as your
$EDITOR).  With Unix pipes, messages flow between inbox/working
directory easily (via tools like patch/git-am).  This also lets me use
the same $EDITOR for both writing code and emails.

[1] - mutt in my case, but I've heard good things about alpine and GNUS

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