【JustGiving】Funds Transfer.

【JustGiving】 amhod707 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 03:09:23 UTC 2012

Hello Sir,

I write to request your partnership in a legitimate high yield business transaction on funds transfer to enable us contribute part of the proceed to this charity.

There are legitimate documents available here now to effect the payment and transfer of a large sum of money in US Dollars to your safe account abroad. I need your full co-operation for the works and logistics. 

As I work for government http://www.dprnigeria.com/ at a responsible position, I have planned a safe way to get things done and use my position to help you achieve a successful operation. 

Once you receive the money, we will donate 10% of it to this charity on whose platform am able to reach you.

If this is possible with you, then treat as urgent and confidential as you reply so we can agree on terms of co-operation and sharing. This is a safe deal.

A. M.

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