Request-URI Too Long from mongrel-unicorn

Eric Wong normalperson at
Thu Apr 12 08:18:31 UTC 2012

Eric Wong <normalperson at> wrote:
> Lawrence Pit <lawrence.pit at> wrote:
> > Should there be a limit at all in unicorn? Should it not be assumed
> > this is configured at the webserver level, like:
> > 
> >
> There should be a limit in unicorn, it's cheap to enforce and there
> could be corner cases (nginx bugs, internal security probes) where it's
> helpful.  The unicorn parser is also used by servers (Rainbows!) that
> expect untrusted/malicious clients without nginx to protect it.

On the other hand, the _granularity_ of limits may unnecessary.  There
is already a 112K limit on the overall header size (which IMHO is really
huge).  However, this 112K overall limit is tunable on Rainbows! because
Rainbows! is designed to handle hundreds/thousands of clients in one

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