Request-URI Too Long from mongrel-unicorn

Eric Wong normalperson at
Thu Apr 12 03:45:46 UTC 2012

Lawrence Pit <lawrence.pit at> wrote:
> IE browsers up to and including IEv8 have a max URL length of 2,083
> characters : 

Ah, that probably explains why MAX_URI_LENGTH=2083 in WEBrick

> There may be other clients (ruby http clients, bots, traffic
> analysers, database clients with limited column spaces to hold URLs,
> etc.) that can't handle long URLs if you take it too far. So
> practically it's advisable to keep your URLs within limits.

Agreed.  I'm really hoping no apps out there depend on the
Mongrel/unicorn internal limits to enforce database column length :)

> Should there be a limit at all in unicorn? Should it not be assumed
> this is configured at the webserver level, like:

There should be a limit in unicorn, it's cheap to enforce and there
could be corner cases (nginx bugs, internal security probes) where it's
helpful.  The unicorn parser is also used by servers (Rainbows!) that
expect untrusted/malicious clients without nginx to protect it.

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