large uploads

Justin Giancola justin.giancola at
Thu Sep 29 16:58:19 EDT 2011

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 4:05 PM, John Joseph Bachir <j at> wrote:
> Does NGINX have inherent behavior which buffers requests? (Eric's email
> seemed to suggest that).

Nginx always buffers the entire body of requests before calling the
upstream application. If the body exceeds client_body_buffer_size
Nginx will store it in a tempfile.

> Thanks for the responses! So, I've see this module:

The upload module works a little differently. It allows you to
configure specific upload endpoints that Nginx will preprocess. Rather
than forwarding the entire request body to the upstream application,
Nginx will parse the multipart/form-data encoded files, store them in
tempfiles, and forward only the paths of the tempfiles to the upstream


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