Rainbows! or unicorn?

russell muetzelfeldt russm-rubyforge at slofith.org
Fri Sep 16 06:19:51 EDT 2011

I'm putting together a small web frontend for a client to upload files into an existing application. It's trivial - there will never be more than a (small) handful of concurrent connections, but I need a streaming rack.input for upload progress on files up to 500MB or so. I was planning on using Rainbows! with ThreadSpawn and worker_connections=1, then noticed that unicorn is also listed as having streaming rack.input.

While what I'm doing is pretty much the opposite of the unicorn design case, is there any reason in this scenario for me to use Rainbows!, or should I just go with unicorn and enough backends to handle a couple of concurrent uploads and the minimal other frontend bits?



Russell Muetzelfeldt <russm at slofith.org>
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