Strange quit behavior

Eric Wong normalperson at
Thu Sep 1 16:26:00 EDT 2011

Alex Sharp <ajsharp at> wrote:
>  Also, today I did an strace on an old unicorn master that was not
>  responding to USR2 signals (but not pegging the cpu), and I saw tons
>  of gettimeofday calls in the output. Is this normal? Also, I was
>  seeing this after having removed newrelic from the project. 

Yes, if it's from the same (timer) thread that's making a bunch of
futex() calls (which you've probably filtered out) on 1.9.2.
They'll go away on Ruby 1.9.3.

On x86_64 and a modern-ish kernel + glibc, gettimeofday() isn't even
a syscall (and won't show up on strace):

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