Should USR2 always work?

Lawrence Pit lawrence.pit at
Wed Nov 23 00:31:24 EST 2011

> I brought up a "bring-your-own-executable" deployment a few months ago
> but haven't heard any feedback.  Here it is for Bundler:

I tried this out by going back to a previous version of bundler, then deployed, unfortunately doesn't seem to work for me:

  executing ["/srv/ec/current/script/unicorn_byoe", "-D", "-E", "staging", "-c", "/srv/ec/current/config/unicorn/staging.rb"] (in /srv/ec/releases/20111123052840)
  /opt/ree/bin/ruby: no such file to load -- bundler/setup (LoadError)

Sending QUIT and then start anew works fine. Upgraded back to latest, tried again, and again no luck. QUIT + start is the only thing that works then.

Tried a slightly modified version of unicorn_byoe, I'm using rails:

require File.expand_path("../../config/boot.rb", __FILE__)
# Gem.bin_path(gem_name, executable_name, *version_requirements)
load Gem.bin_path("unicorn", "unicorn_rails")   


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