Fix hang when running tests on OpenBSD by skipping two tests

Eric Wong normalperson at
Tue Nov 15 20:18:56 EST 2011

Jeremy Evans <jeremyevans0 at> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 4:17 AM, Eric Wong <normalperson at> wrote:
> > I usually prefer to work on each problem, one-at-a-time.  However,
> > GNU make already has a handy -k/--keep-going flag to ignore failures.
> Thanks, I didn't know about that, and it is much easier than patching
> make files.
> I think I've fixed all the issues that caused test failures on
> OpenBSD.  All changes are in the test code itself.  Hope this helps.

OK, I think I've pushed relevant fixes up to master of unicorn.git
(commit fbcf6aa641e5827da48a3b6776c9897de123b405)

  Eric Wong (3):
        configurator: limit timeout to 30 days
        tests: just use the sha1sum implemented in Ruby
        tests: try to set a shorter path for Unix domain sockets

  Jeremy Evans (2):
        t0011: fix test under OpenBSD
        test_helper: ensure test client connects to valid address

> Sorry if gmail mangles these diffs.

No worries, patch(1) is very lenient.

Just wondering, do most folks have/lack decent SMTP setups nowadays?
(especially on servers they don't usually work from)

When working without a VCS repo (live fixes on servers :x),
I'll sometimes just send a patch out like this:

	diff -u a b | mail -s diff-a-b a at

This is a big reason I prefer no-subscription-required mailing lists.
If it's to a public mailing list, I'll always email myself first to
cleanup the Received: trail and also to rewrite my email address
so it doesn't have in it :)

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