nginx + unicorn deployment survey

Alex Sharp ajsharp at
Tue Nov 15 12:47:05 EST 2011

We run nginx and unicorn on the same instance, behind HAProxy. 

We run it this way because it means fewer instances, and the nginx processes don't seem to require many system resources, so we don't have a resource constraint problem by putting them on the same instance. 

Alex Sharp

Zaarly, Inc.
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On Monday, November 14, 2011 at 1:56 PM, Eric Wong wrote:

> Hello all, I'm wondering if you deploy nginx:
> 1) on the same machine that runs unicorn (exclusively proxying to that)
> 2) on a different machine that doesn't run unicorn
> 3) both, nginx could forward to either to localhost
> or another host on the same LAN
> And of course, the reason(s) you chose what you chose. I'm inclined
> to believe many folks are on 1) simply because they only have one
> machine.
> Thanks in advance for your replies, I'm always interested in
> hearing user experiences with unicorn.

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