Fix hang when running tests on OpenBSD by skipping two tests

Eric Wong normalperson at
Mon Nov 14 15:54:29 EST 2011

Jeremy Evans <jeremyevans0 at> wrote:
> This is obviously not a permanent fix, but I'm not sure why the tests
> are hanging, and hanging during a test is bad.  I suppose you could
> also use a timeout, so the test fails instead of hangs.  I'll be happy
> to test other patches to either the test suite or the library code
> (assuming the hang is fixable on OpenBSD).

I'd like to investigate why this fails.

I've never been entirely happy with test_exec, so this would be a good
reason to improve or start porting problematic tests over to the
shell-based system under t/

> After this patch, the test suite passes fine on OpenBSD.

So everything under t/ (gmake test-integration) works, too?
I much prefer shell-based the test suite myself

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