Reopening logs - why no relative paths?

Eric Wong normalperson at
Thu Mar 31 18:02:48 EDT 2011

Matthew Kocher <mkocher at> wrote:
> We just spend a couple hours trying to figure out why sending a USR1
> signal wasn't causing unicorn to reopen logs.  Looking at the source
> reveals that only files opened with absolute paths are eligible for
> rotation, the others are silently skipped.
> We use the fairly standard practice of always logging to
> log/unicorn.error.log and creating symlinks to where we'd like the
> logs to live on individual hosts.  We'll change our configs for the
> time being, but is there a reason to not reopen the relative paths?

It's ambiguous due to directory changes[1].  It may be easier now that
we have the "working_directory" directive now, but configuration changes
also change (or unset) the "working_directory" which adds to the

We could try allowing it and see what happens, I suppose...

[1] - in my experience with writing daemons, directory changes make
      everything much harder all around.
Eric Wong

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