Unicorn 1.x maintenance schedule?

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Wed Jun 29 23:27:06 EDT 2011

Just wondering, how much demand is there for continued 1.x maintenance?

I think 1.x (and 3.x) are both fairly bug-free by now and unlikely to
need much, but I'm willing to commit to long term maintenance if people
want it.  Maybe we can drop it when the Ruby core team stops supporting
Ruby 1.8?[1]

AFAIK, Unicorn 3.x with its kgio dependency currently works on all
*nix-like platforms with fork() support, even ugly non-Free OSes
that aren't _officially_ supported.

Unicorn 4.x adds the dependency on raindrops, but I think that would
cause fewer portability problems than kgio introduced with Unicorn 3.x.

Time will tell...

[1] For the record Unicorn 3.x/4.x works great with Ruby 1.8 and
    Unicorn 1.x works well with Ruby 1.9, too.   However, Ruby 1.9.2
    introduced a performance bug[2] that got me experimenting with
    kgio.  While this bug is fixed Ruby 1.9.3, but kgio is still

[2] http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/3905

Thanks for reading!
Eric Wong

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