Request queue length

Eric Wong normalperson at
Sat Feb 26 15:40:00 EST 2011

Troex Nevelin <list at> wrote:
> We've moved to unicorn and I embeded Raindrops as middleware into our  
> rails app, now I'm able to get some stats using /_raindrops url:
> calling: 4

This is the number of application dispatchers running.
Should always be <= worker_processes.

> writing: 174

This is the number of clients being written to.  Make sure
Raindrops::Middleware is at the outermost/topmost layer of your
middleware stack (top of  Some other middlewares may
clobber/ignore the #close method.  You should probably contact the
middleware authors and make sure they properly proxy response bodies
that require a close.

Normally, (calling + writing) <= Unicorn worker_processes

> /var/www/kk/current/tmp/sockets/unicorn.sock active: 5
> /var/www/kk/current/tmp/sockets/unicorn.sock queued: 0
> The last 2 lines I undersand, that is what I wanted to get. But what  
> about 'calling' and 'writing', what does these numbers says?

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