Request queue length

Troex Nevelin list at
Sat Feb 26 08:12:39 EST 2011

On 02/12/2011 06:58 PM, Troex Nevelin wrote:
> Currently I use thin 10 instances and pass 10 sockets to nginx. I forgot
> that unicorn uses only one socket to communicate with frontend :)
> What I really want to track with unicorn is to see how many clients are
> really waiting in queue. I hope if I ran 10 unicorn instances and
> monitor socket during peak load I'll see 10 active and the queue will be
> the real queue :)
> As you showed me above that thin can take requests 'on hold' and that is
> why I didn't understand the active number bigger than 1 with thin.
> I'll post the results here, when I migrate to unicorn.

We've moved to unicorn and I embeded Raindrops as middleware into our 
rails app, now I'm able to get some stats using /_raindrops url:

calling: 4
writing: 174
/var/www/kk/current/tmp/sockets/unicorn.sock active: 5
/var/www/kk/current/tmp/sockets/unicorn.sock queued: 0

The last 2 lines I undersand, that is what I wanted to get. But what 
about 'calling' and 'writing', what does these numbers says?

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