The Euro Sweepstakes Bonanza

The Euro Sweepstakes Bonanza congratulafe at
Sun Feb 20 07:28:53 EST 2011

The Euro Sweepstakes Bonanza, congratulate you as one of our Ten (10) Star Prize Winner, 
in our 2011  Euro International Awareness Promotion (EIAP) held in Madrid. This makes you the 
winner of a cash prize of €750 ,000. EUROS. This is free promotion to complement the xmas and new year 

To begin processing of your prize contact:

MR. David Carlos  (claim officer)
TEL: +34 672-969-328 
FAX: +34 911-820-312
Email: adaseaagencys at   or  adaseagenccy at

Contact him, with your,
REF. NUMBER: EULOTTO/0208/ESP/003,  BATCH NUMBER: 2010/AXN/30_46 and EMAIL ADDRESS: mongrel-unicorn at
Also provide listed information below:
Names / Address / Mobile No / Phone No/ Fax No / Country  .

Have You Won Before? if No, Please you are free to solicit for participation in the next promotion in February 2011. If you are
the owner of this email, please contact your agent above to above expiration.

Best regards,
Mr. David Carlos

Note: This email is confidential and is intended solely for the person or entity that 'If you 
are not the own this email address, and has received this message in error, we inform you that 
it is the content of reserved Unauthorized use is prohibited by law and, Therefore, please notify 
us by e - mail.

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