license is NOT changing

Eric Wong normalperson at
Wed Feb 16 14:11:03 EST 2011

Since Ruby 1.9.3dev is under the 2-clause BSD License (+ extra terms)
now, I've clarified Unicorn will be remaining under the same terms as
Ruby 1.8 and Mongrel 1.1.5[1].

I have zero interest (nor rights to relicense) the code in Unicorn to a
BSD license.

For the record, I'm personally a huge fan and proponent of the GPL,
but again I can't relicense existing code without the permission
of everybody that ever contributed to Mongrel/Unicorn, either.

While I am more than aware there are several reasons people aren't
comfortable with Unicorn, but the GPL should NOT be one of those

Thanks for reading.

[1] avoiding confusion with Mongrel2 which is also under a BSD license

Eric Wong

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