Request queue length

Troex Nevelin list at
Sat Feb 12 10:58:35 EST 2011

On 02/12/2011 12:20 AM, Eric Wong wrote:
> Thin can hold multiple connections open in a single process (idle or
> doing I/O), but only execute the Rack app for one client at a time
> (unless you're using the non-standard "app.deferred?" stuff).

No I'm using any deferred stuff, I have delayed_job but this is other story.

> With Unicorn, you'll still see multiple active because all the worker
> processes share the same listener socket, but the active numbers
> will be smaller and capped at the number of worker processes you have.
> The queue is likely to be smaller if you're running multiple workers,
> too.

Currently I use thin 10 instances and pass 10 sockets to nginx. I forgot 
that unicorn uses only one socket to communicate with frontend :)
What I really want to track with unicorn is to see how many clients are 
really waiting in queue. I hope if I ran 10 unicorn instances and 
monitor socket during peak load I'll see 10 active and the queue will be 
the real queue :)
As you showed me above that thin can take requests 'on hold' and that is 
why I didn't understand the active number bigger than 1 with thin.

I'll post the results here, when I migrate to unicorn.

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