Request queue length

Eric Wong normalperson at
Sun Feb 6 14:02:35 EST 2011

Troex Nevelin <list at> wrote:
> Is there a way to get the number of requests that are currently awaiting  
> to be executed by my rails app by unicorn?
> Or there is no queue in unicorn and I should look for this information  
> somewhere in nginx or other front-end server?

The queue is in the kernel and controlled by the listen(2) syscall.
If you're in Linux, you can inspect this with Raindrops[1] or just
read the output of ss(8) or /proc/net/tcp.  I don't know how to do
this in non-Linux kernels.

All TCP servers actually have this queue, so you can use ss(8),
/proc/net/tcp or raindrops to inspect this queue in nginx, too.

    I've found this example surprisingly useful, too:

Eric Wong

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