COW friendly GC and PostgreSQL

Laas Toom laas at
Thu Dec 1 10:32:15 EST 2011

> If you didn't disconnect the database connection before forking, that
> could be the cause of the problem, though you should have issues
> regardless of whether the GC is CoW or not.  Did you just turn off
> CoW, or did you turn off preload_app as well?

Totally my mistake - I had copied the example config from web and because of mis-indenting (as seen in my conf) I misread it and interpreted it in my mind as:

preload_app(true) do

Taking it for 'before loading app'
And that is why I ignored the preload_app and blamed the COW, which of course did not have anything to do with my problem.

Plainly RTFM for me here!

> Looking at your config file, try adding a before_fork callback that
> disconnects the database connection and things may work fine.

Adding before_fork and after_fork as shown in example conf, the problem dissapeared.

Thank you and sorry for the disturbance.


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