adding GPLv3 to unicorn license

Eric Wong normalperson at
Wed Apr 27 20:57:27 EDT 2011

Hello, I would like to extend the unicorn license from
(GPLv2|Ruby terms) to (GPLv2|GPLv3|Ruby terms).

Zed and Evan are still the authors of much of the HTTP parser code in
unicorn and some of the tests, so I'm asking you guys first.  I would
also like to license kcar[1] in the same way since it's a fork of
the unicorn parser (for client-side usage).

Adding GPLv3 would allow AGPLv3-only applications to be bundled with
unicorn and distributed.  This would be useful for people distributing
complete devices running AGPLv3 apps on unicorn.

I'm a supporter of strong copyleft licenses and I want unicorn to
be distributable with applications with strong copyleft licenses.

Furthermore, I (or whoever replaces me as project leader when I die)
would like to have the option of adding compatibility for newer versions
of the GPL (as published by the FSF).  I'm /not/ asking for a "GPLv2 or
later" clause since that would give the FSF too much power for GPLv4.

I'm not at all interested in adding licenses other than future versions
of the GPL.  Even though I support AGPLv3 for user-facing applications,
I do /not/ want infrastructure like unicorn to be under the terms of
something like the AGPLv3.

I'll email the other contributors who have more trivial contributions if
you guys agree.  Thanks!

(Please Cc: mongrel-unicorn at when replying to keep this
public, thanks!)

[1] -

Eric Wong

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